Blogging Income Potential and Best Practices, an Examination of

As I begin to dip my toes into the blogging world, I wonder what success might look like and what techniques or best practices might be used to get there. I began to think of those blogs that I subscribe to and what insight I might be able to extract and derive from publicly available data.  This immediately led me to ponder Pat Flynn at (SPI) as he routinely publishes his income reports. These income reports coupled with his publicly available RSS feed gave me some unique insight into the posting quantity & frequency, effectiveness of different media types … Read the rest

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Is Your Dinner Ready When the Smoke Alarm Goes Off… Too?

Then, chances are you may be cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil… too.

There’s a craze among my family and friends over the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and we are using it on everything.  Many of us (myself included) have even purchased specialized sprayers for their misapplication in the kitchen.  On several dining occasions I’ve witnessed (and participated in) a new cooking ritual where one team attends to the home’s smoke alarm, windows, and doors while the other operates the oven door.  This highly choreographed act opens along with the windows and doors, hits its crescendo during … Read the rest

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Protect Your Personal Cell Phone Number and Email Address with Proxies

I was thinking about how I might handle work related correspondence over the upcoming holiday. On one hand, I don’t want to repeatedly jump on my work computer to check work email and voicemail just in case something important comes up and I don’t want to experience the anxiety of not knowing.  On the other hand, I don’t want to broadcast my personal cell phone number and email address as a means of contacting me while I’m away and risk having those be abused as a primary means of contacting me for future work related issues.

As I like to … Read the rest

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