Liars Dice Bidding Probability Calculation

Liars Dice is a game for two or more players.  During a hand, each player rolls a set of die (typically starting the game with 5 die per player) under a cup to shield their hand from the other players.  Each player then progressively makes ever increasing bids as to the number of die of a certain face value that are contained in everyone’s collective hands.  The bid is based on what each player can see in their hand and the number of concealed die in the other players hand.  The hand starts with one player bidding on the number … Read the rest

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Baltimore, You’re More Likely to be Murdered Than Raped


The FBI routinely compiles crime statistics from the 260 largest cities in the United States (with a population of 100,000 or more).  By calculating the number of occurrences per capita (per 100,000 people) from those statistics one can compare and rank the probability of occurrence of the various crimes within each of  those cities. Baltimore’s crime statistics and ranking are listed below as derived from the 2015 FBI crime statistics. Generally, the highest ranking crime has been listed first; however, rape has been listed just under murder.  In reviewing Baltimore’s per capita statistics, it was noted that one is … Read the rest

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Fedora Linux System Requirements and Download Location of Various Versions


There are many articles that offer great uses for an old PC. Recommendations include utilizing the old PC as a home server, adding additional Network Attached Storage (NAS), experimenting with other free operating systems (i.e Linux), donating extra computer cycles to science through distributed computing projects (i.e BOINC or SETI@Home), and of course for use as a secondary computer. These articles inevitably mention different Linux distributions (i.e. Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, Lubuntu, Slackware, etc) as a viable alternative to the Windows OS. If you blindly go this route you might spend several … Read the rest

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