Secrets of Power Negotiating

This is an excellent introduction to the art of negotiation.

It’s main focus on is on coming to “win-win” solutions that both parties can agree upon.  However, several “gambits” from the darker side of negotiating are also discussed.

When I first read this I was shocked at the various tactics I had fallen for over the years.  I revisit the book from time to time if I’ve reached an “impass” in ongoing discussions.


Professional Excel DevelopmentProduct Details

The best resource I’ve found to take you’re VBA development skills to the next level, including:

  • Application development best practices
  • Protect your source code within a .dll file
  • Create an installer for your application
  • Code execution optimization
  • …and much more.

Product DetailsExcel 2013 Power Programming with VBA

An excellent introduction and ongoing reference for VBA development, including:

  • Developing VBA functions and procedure
  • Data types (string, integer, variant, etc.)
  • Common programming structures (If-Then-Else logic, For loops, Do loops, etc.)
  • …and much more.


Enders Game

Better than the movie!   






Stranger in a Strange Land

The “Man from Mars” returns to Earth in early adulthood after being raised by Martians.






The 80/20 Principle:  The Secret to Achieving More With Less






Awaken the Giant Within






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